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The cafe franchise is a good opportunity to start Your own business.
In essence, the franchise is the law, in with the franchisor (trademark owner- Coffee In) gives the franchisee (the cafe starter) the right to use its trademark and business model.
The franchisee pays the franchisor a fee, that being an agreed percentage of the sale. The franchisor is, in turn, required to supply the franchisee comprehensive information about the trademark and business model (training, marketing material, product information, etc).
The franchisee is required to use the franchisor's trademark in its activities and ensure that the quality of the goods and services are at the same level as the franchisor's.
The Coffee In Cafe franchise fits well for young people and entrepreneurs with experience in the field of catering or customer service. However, more important than experience is the desire to commit and to achieve all the desired goals.
The franchisee must be a legal adult, and it would help to have the minimal initial capital to cover the running costs of the first month.
If You feel, like You've found the opportunity You've been waiting for, write to us and inform us of your business idea with the following:
In which city/settlement would You like to open a Coffee In cafe?
Do You own or have room for the cafe in the horizon?
Are you active in entrepreneurship or have business experience?
Add a description of what You've done in the past, what experience You have, and Your vision of the development of Your Cafe business over the next 2-3 years.

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