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Coffee is something much more than just caffeine.

It is aroma, taste… a delight of thousands of nuances. Coffee can be like an extreme adventure on a cliff face that gives you a kick, or it can be like a pat on the shoulder from an old friend that gives you comfort and strength. It always has style and character, both of which are conveyed to whoever is drinking it. Coffee IN knows how to bring out the passion and energy in coffee, having already had many years of experience in offering our clients drinks that have been made from only the best freshly roasted coffee beans.

Our mission

Still in translation...ready soon.

You like to drink Your coffee on the go? Then we think alike!

We are fond of coffee and as we know there are plenty others like us, we founded our own club - Coffee Pros. It's a club for our members and each of the club member can call themselves a coffee pro :)



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